Skydive for Cancer Research

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On Sunday 8th June I had set myself up for one of the biggest challenges of my life so far, Skydiving at 10,000ft. Since New Years Eve I have been fundraising for Cancer Research UK. On the day I had to be at Fife Airport for 8.30am – good job I live 5 minutes away I ain’t a morning person on my days off. I got there with my family and there was like twenty odd people there who were jumping as well, which was surprising as I didn’t think it was extremely popular risking your life lol.

Anyway we got some brief training with the men who we were jumping with and got shown all the equipment. The main guy (I can’t remember his name I was that nervous) was showing us the parachute pack, and there was a tiny silver metal strip that measures how close you are to the ground and if your too close the emergency parachute automatically releases, phew!! Anyway, after all that sick stomach feeling I didn’t get to jump until 6pm – I got bored of waiting to be honest but the rain clouds had to pass. The thing is I had never even been in a plane before and I never do anything wreck less, I can’t even go on a roller coaster for gods sake. Biggest wimp you could meet and I was about to jump out a plane. Crazy? Yes pretty much.

Once I was up in the plane the view was just breath-taking, I live in a crappy little town but it was such a beautiful day and I think anywhere could look that beautiful up that high lol. Only thing I was worried about was breathing, I have asthma so I was crapping it. Once the plane door opened I had to sit out until we were ready to jump, was only for a few seconds but it was so windy. I kept saying to myself “Aimee just breathe you can do this!!” We tumbled and then once we were in free fall – 120mph btw!!!! – I had the biggest smile on my face, it honestly just felt like I was floating, the rush of adrenalin through my body was unbelievable. Once we eventually got to the ground after 10 mins – I weigh like 7st so my weight wasn’t helping to bring us down quicker – I just had such a goofy smile on my face just waving to my mum who was literally about crying. She worries too much, but that’s what mums do lol.

After doing one of the craziest things in the world I felt like I was the coolest person on Facebook that day. I have raised £578.50 so far through my fundraising pages, you can sponsor me below if you wish I have still to complete my Race for Life – it’s not as extreme but something me and my mum can do together.
My New Years resolution is complete



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