You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.

Five years ago today I was 14 – nearly 15 – and I had a huge group of friends, not that am bragging cause I’m certainly not, everyone in my year at school were just really close. I always had someone to call to ask to go out or go to the cinema, probably had a boyfriend that I wouldn’t be with the following month(remember that’s just what happened in high school).

But as I reflect back on those five years I realised how much fake people I had around me, fair enough not all of them but most of them. Because I don’t see any of them still around? As you grow up the people you meet are very important, and if it wasn’t for an old boyfriend of mine I wouldn’t of realised that my so called “friends” were taking advantage of me. If it wasn’t for me meeting him I would be friends with people that weren’t really my friends and that spoke about me behind my back.

Believe me I don’t owe that guy anything but at least one good thing came out of the relationship, I realised what friends were always there. There may only be three of them, but I’m so glad I met them. Best three friends that any girl could have. I don’t need a hundred fake ones just three loyal ones.

People that you meet along the way don’t just come in to your life to do you good, they could be complete ass-holes. But then you have to think what kind of person would you be if you hadn’t met them? and what kind of friends would you have? I never regret the people I met and loved, even if they hurt me because something good came out them all.

The same thing goes for the books you read. I mean I haven’t read a lot over the past five years, but the other week I read the one on my first post “You’re the one I want” By Giovanna Fletcher. I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of future and career I want to pursue, its been very difficult. I’m not greatly passionate about anything, but that book got me thinking about photography as Maddy one of the characters loves to take photos. I’d never thought about doing something along those lines so I’m planning on buying a camera when I get paid to try it. It’s crazy that within one week of reading a book I could of potentially found what I’m meant to do.

People and Books change everything, who knows what kind of person I’ll be and the life I’ll be living in the next five years.


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