Tv show

Orange is the new black


Well I gave in and wanted to see what all the fuss was about, I’m so glad I did! I literally started on Wednesday and that’s me finished season one. Surprised my eyes aren’t square lol. I mean I wasn’t looking forward to all the lesbian action(no offence to anyone) but to be honest it was quick to get used to it. I would defiantly recommend anyone to watch it, it’s so funny! Crazy eyes is the best, I can’t believe how she looks in real life – she’s beautiful! I think when you start any new series you always think, why haven’t I been watching this when it first came out? Yeah I’m a bit late, as always to be fair. But am addicted to Pipers suffering, Reds meals, Mendez’s moustache and lovely Larry! I was actually left speechless at the end of the last episode was so glad that episode one of series two was coming straight on after, got to love Netflix. I’m away to enjoy series two, better get started on series one or you will regret it.



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