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Long time no write



Ok ok ok I know! I haven’t posted in a while I’ve been so busy with work and had severe abdominal pain – and netflix took over my life again!! So since my last post I haven’t been up to much, I finished season two of Orange is the New Black. WOW. All I have to say on that. With the third season not returning until May/June 2015 I just wanted to cry but I of course found something else to occupy my time. That consisted of a pack of ten caramel waffles for 80p out of my work(ASDA) and #5SOS otherwise known as 5 Seconds of Summer. They became my weakness!! So all I’ve been eating are waffles and listening to 5sos new album, I know every song already. They then announced their EU Tour, I got so excited, I have successfully managed to get two amazing tickets for Glasgow. Roll on June 2015 OITNB and 5SOS. I also started watching Homeland. God that got addictive quickly. First season finished already obviously, it’s me were talking about. That really sums up the gap since my last post. Lastly, I’m going to be putting up some ideas for book writing, really want to write a book but finding it hard to come up with a story. Let me know what you think, they will be up tonight.



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