Book review

The maze runner

IMG_6043-3.PNGMy recent reading was The Maze Runner book, the first in the book series. I literally fell in love with Thomas, and when I found out Dylan O’Brian was playing him in the film I just knew he was a perfect fit. Everytime I picked the book up I read about 16 chapters at a time which resulted in me finishing the book within a week, the same as every other book I get hooked on.

The book is generally about a boy called Thomas who wakes up in this cement walled field with about 30 boys staring at him. They have all been put there one boy every month. But why? The cement walls open every morning and close every night, but what’s outside of the walls?

“We call it the maze.”

I don’t like to give away any spoilers so if you haven’t read it go get it now.

The film came out on October 10th in the UK and I was beyond excited to experience it on the big screen after reading it so fast. And my heart rate must of been going double the speed the whole way through. Even though I knew what was going to happen, the suspense was unbelievable!! It completely lived up to the book, obviously they have to tweek a few parts but they didn’t change a bit. Wes Ball and James Dashner have made me so excited for the next three years as they start to bring the next books to life. The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure and The Kill Order still to read, scared to read them too fast as I have to wait until next october for the next film which is too long!!
If your a fan of the hunger games and divergent you will love this!
Anyways if I haven’t persuaded you I dunno what will. Enjoy!



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