Bra off. Hair up. Pj’s on.

IMG_6069.JPGEvery girl is the exact same as soon as you get home from college, uni or work we follow this routine nearly every day. Well I’d say mostly single girls as we have nothing better to do with ourselves – yes I’m single don’t judge. But even if I had a boyfriend I would probably do the same. Theres actually nothing better than just chilling out specially with Netflix on, who doesn’t love being addicted to a tv series on Netflix? I think I have watched them all but feel free to give me some suggestions, I really need suggestions I’m that bored that I have started watching Greys Anatomy from the beginning again. SAD I know. The thing is I’m also watching the new ones online from America as well so I’m jumping from Mcsteamy arriving to *SPOILERS* Meredith now with yet another sister!! Anyways I’m currently sitting in jungle book pj’s with my bra off and my hair up and also with cosy socks on, that should be added onto that picture cause they are a must eh girls?! Unfortunately greys isn’t on my list tonight as Sir David Attenborough is on with his calming voice, oh and new bang theory!! So I’m gonna go enjoy that. I think so many girls can relate to all the blabbing I’ve just done. Have a look through some of my older posts and enjoy the rest of your evening.

ALH xox


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