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Winter Warmers.

DSCN0070If your sensitive to the cold like me you will already be looking out your winter warmers, because lets face is its bloody freezing outside!! So to give you a little help I’ll give you a few tips of mines to survive the winter, and not spend loads of money on those winter woolies.

As you can see I’ve got a huge chunky scarf on, its navy and a deep reddish colour, and has a reversible pattern so you can change what pattern you like that matches your outfit, awesome idea! And guess where I got it? PRIMARK! for £6!! and can i just say that its softer than my Edinburgh tartan one I got last year for £20 and its cosier. Its a bargain and a half as its huge so I can even use it as a blanket so get down to Primark people!!

Also every winter your must get item is the top of the range winter jacket, which always costs nearly £100 to fit in with the trends, I’m right ain’t I? Well I made that mistake last year and bought a Topshop winter sheepskin coat that cost me £75 and everyone knows you don’t wear the same coat the following year. What a waste as it can only be dry cleaned and isn’t even water proof. So this year I was online browsing and because I work in ASDA I get discount in George, so I thought I be as well having a little look. WOW. The jackets are the same as Topshop – not identical – and they are even warmer! I got a faux fur lined coat, furry hooded parka. It was less than half the price of my expensive Topshop jacket and its even warmer and more waterproof than what that sheepskin one could ever be.

So you don’t have to shop in the top brand places this winter, because put it this way more people asked where I got my George jacket than they did about my Topshop one. Also three other girls had the same jacket as me last year, not one has the same as me this year, because everyone thinks they have to spend loads to be fashionable at winter. I hope these little tips were helpful.

Oh one more thing! Ear muffs keep your ears warmer than a hat, just incase you don’t want to mess up your works night out hair, you can still have warm ears. Ok this is the last thing I promise – leather gloves are a life saver for that ice cold steering wheel in the morning.

Anyways keep wrapped up cause its starting to get chilly!!
Love Aimee xox


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