Cosy night in.

DSCN0042Nice cosy nights in are the best aren’t they? Pj’s on, blanket out, hot water bottle and some reading! I was at the garage today getting a new tyre and sat and read for nearly two hours! Finally got into it after being overloaded with college work.

And I’m glad I did! I need a Billy Buskin in my life!! – not sure if I spelt his second name right lol! He’s so sweet and loving, but I bet all celebrities aren’t like that. I feel as though Sophie is exactly the same as me, so many things make me think someone has wrote a character as me lol. I don’t like Paul he seems like a right dooshbag! And I need to know what Sophie’s secret is and what happened with her dad? I’m like at chapter 15 and still don’t know what the hell happened?!! I’m away to read more cause the suspense is killing me. Hopefully by this time tomorrow I’ll know!

Aimee xox


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