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Horror movie posters

College work again, had to design a poster for a horror movie called “blood falls like snow” about a pshyco path dressed as Santa killing people 12 days before Christmas – I never came up with the idea by the way cause I hate horror movies!!
Anyways after playing around tonight these are a few designs. Can’t seem to pick my favourite though. Let me know what you guys think😊.

IMG_6368.JPG IMG_6367.JPG IMG_6370.JPG


Aimee xox


4 thoughts on “Horror movie posters

  1. I’m torn between the first two. The first one has a nice sinister look to it, and might tell more of the story than the other. The second has a more ominous look to it though, (I’m guessing that’s the lead character?) It helps set up a connection to the character.

    1. Yeah the santa serial killer is the main character. Yeah im pretty stuck on them too. Got a meeting tomorrow so will take them both and let the people there choose. Thanks though, narrowing it down to two helps loads!

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