Magazine Design

My recent college project was to design a front cover and four double page spreads for Eye Magazine, and it had to be a special edition in memory of the designer Massimo Vignelli. As you can see below is my front cover design from which I used one of his most famous quotes which I lay on top of each other, the first one all white, second one white with a black outline and the top one all black. The colours came from one of his books called “Vignelli Designs” which is where I got the inspiration for the front cover.

Front Cover

I then made the first double page spread with a lot of white space and added a strip of colour down the side to fit in with the colour scheme. It is basically an introduction page to Massimo and his life. This is probably my favourite double page spread.

The second double page spread is really nice, I loved this image of him and his wife and thought putting another of his famous quotes on top of the image gave it a nice effect. We also had to add in text so I found an interview with him and added that in to the other page. It didn’t really matter what the text was about it was more about the design.
double page spread 2

This double page spread is my least favourite as there is something unresolved about it, I wanted two pages to show case some of his most famous work but I feel it looks a bit messy.
double page spread 3

The final double page spread has my favourite picture of Vignelli, the text carries on the interview from the second double page spread and to finish it off the last question is “How would you like to be remembered?” which I thought was a nice way to end the feature as he sadly passed away early this year on the 27th May. Also changed the strips of colour from along the side to along the bottom to mark the end of the article. 
Double page spread 1

This was definitely my favourite project so far, and I’m happy to announce that I’ve passed my first term at college and I have a lovely weeks holiday this week. Hope you enjoy looking at my work. Theres a few other posts with my work so feel free to have a look.


Aimee xox


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