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Hello hello hello! I apologise that I haven’t been blogging, my heart doesn’t seem to work like normal hearts so it’s been A&E, hospital, doctors and bed rest and then college and work so not had a spare moment to write. Also I didn’t think blogging about my health would help anyone lol.

So it’s December!!!!! Finally the countdown to Christmas begins! I convinced my mum to put the Christmas tree up on Sunday after begging all week she gave in, now the house looks all Christmassy so the photos above are pictures of my baby tree for my room. It’s dead cute. I spent my night decorating it so it looked perfect. Just want to put all my presents for the family under it but think the presents will drown the poor thing haha! Also today I got my nails done in time for Christmas and I stuck to the Christmas theme obviously, and they turned out beautiful it took the girl ages to get the Rudolph perfect but she done an amazing job.


On another note it’s starting to get bloody freezing outside, the de-icer is out and so are my hat and scarf, I also ordered my first pair of real uggs and yes everyone thinks they are horrible but it’s only the Primark ones that are atrocious so I think I’ll be fine. Think they should be arriving on Thursday so can’t wait for them.

I also finished all my Christmas shopping I’m very proud of myself, I have bought my mum, dad and brother things, as well as my two best friends and my two adorable little cousins oh and my gran as she asked specially for these certain slippers but I managed to get them everything they wanted. I mean I bloody hope I did cause I started shopping at the end of September – crazy I know!

Talking about bestfriends, me and my friend Jenn have decided for our 21st’s next year were gonna go to New York for a week!!!! I literally can’t contain my excitement we’re booking it next month, so if anyone has any tips on we’re to stay and what to do then please drop a comment below😊.

Anyway, I’m going to read the last part of billy and me, so I can’t finally get on to the Christmas short story, I’ve been lacking on my reading recently it’s not good. Anyway, hope you have a lovely day or night.

Aimee xox


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