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Billy & Me…


So as promised I’m back to reading my book after a little break, I’m on chapter 19 and only have 9 more chapters to go which are relatively small so I need to finish them by Monday at least because I haven’t been able to read Christmas with Billy & Me and I’m in such a Christmassy mood so I need to buck up.

I should of really been reading today but I was meant to be at college and just felt so crap this morning, having to car share with my mum at the moment so I’m up super early when I wasn’t meant to start college until 1pm today, so I thought I’ll catch up on some more sleep after dropping her at work, I think that lasted 45 minutes until a bloody Scottish gas man arrived at my door. I just wanted to cry and say go away and let me sleep!!! but I didn’t think he would appreciate that.

So I gave up on going to college today after the lack of sleep then gave me a migraine, to the point where my eye balls hurt, seriously!! Also the weather outside did not motivate me to leave my bed never mind my house, it was windy, snowy and rainy in Scotland today so snuggling up in my bed just sounded fantastic. All I could do was sleep to be honest, just felt so rubbish. Really hope its not a bug because unfortunately I’m working Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday – that’s like work abuse!! The only upside is the fact I get paid on Friday and finished all my Christmas shopping so I can spend it all on me, but putting away some for New York.

Anyways, back to Billy & Me *Spoilers, well kinda* I’m up to the part where he has gave Sophie the script to ‘The Walking Beat’ and oft its explicit! I was thinking to myself what would I be like in her shoes, because yes I’m one of those jealous girlfriends. But imagine someone having “pretend sex” with your boyfriend everyday, fair enough its his job but wow I would really struggle with that, so not sure how she is going to cope.But I have to say after the secrecy of what happened to her dad, I’m so glad I’ve found out!! So sad though, makes you think how many people blame themselves for things like that that are out of their control.

Anyway, I want to see how she is going to cope with Billy’s new film, and specially with who is playing the part of the girl… I’ll let you guys find that out for yourselves if you haven’t read it yet.

Hope you have a lovely day/evening where ever you are in the world. Thanks for reading – please check out my other posts too.

Aimee xox


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