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Value your common sense.

I’ve been having a very crappy past few days and my friend yesterday told me a story that really cheered me up by making me laugh historically.

It probably ain’t as funny as I found it to be but it shows me there’s more stupid people out there than me lol.

So my friends husband broke her SIM card for her phone, she then went on to tell me how he had broke it. Turns out her husband doesn’t know a lot about phones – kinda like my dad haha – so he got a new phone, which he couldn’t find a SIM card to fit in to it, he took his wife’s and tried hers, it still wouldn’t fit. His genius idea was to trim the SIM card down a little, yes that would work – not!!! His wife came home to a her SIM card ‘trimmed’ down on the table. She of course went crazy and asked why her SIM card had been cut and his reply was “well it wasn’t small enough so I thought if I cut it down a bit it would fit but now it just doesn’t work” hahaha!

Moral of the story – value your common sense.

This story cheered me up a lot last night, hope it cheers you up too.

Aimee xox


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