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Modern day Mr.Men and Little Miss

I have just discovered these hilarious Modern day Mr.Men and Little Miss. These are so accurate to what today’s society is like, and some of them are just hilarious!! Just thought I’d share these wonderful images with you, which ones do you relate to…


1. 2015/01/img_7292.png

2. 2015/01/img_7293.png

3. 2015/01/img_7294.png

4.  2015/01/img_7295.png

5.  2015/01/img_7296.png

6. 2015/01/img_7297.png

7. 2015/01/img_7298.png

8. 2015/01/img_7299.png

9.  2015/01/img_7300.png

10. 2015/01/img_7301.png

11. 2015/01/img_7302.png

12. 2015/01/img_7303.png

13. 2015/01/img_7304.png

14. 2015/01/img_7305.png

15. 2015/01/img_7306.png

16. 2015/01/img_7307.png


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