It’s hard being twenty.

After being single for over a year I have came to a realisation. Being single at twenty is hard, being single at twenty while studying a degree is hard, being single at twenty while studying for a degree and working at a supermarket the only days you have off college is hard.

Trying to find a guy to date at twenty is doubly hard because there’s no where to find them. At sixteen if you got ‘dumped’ there was a whole year of boys at your school you could choose from, I envy all you people that ended up staying with their ‘high school sweethearts’. Boke.

I don’t have the joy of picking between twenty odd boys anymore, I’m stuck trying to pick from regular customers at my work who don’t know I exist or think I’m twelve because that’s the age I look. Or the wonderful crowd of boys that attend ‘kittys’ every weekend – it’s a night club for you lucky people out there who don’t know what it is. My chances of finding mr right in this town are very slim.

My best friend seems to think I’ll find him in our trip to New York this year, she thinks I’ll find my ‘Dan Humphrey’ – if you haven’t watched all seasons of Gossip Girl you need to sort out your priorities – anyways I doubt I’ll find him there. Could do with a cute American though. Even if I did just imagine, degree, work and a New York boyfriend – I think I’d need Hermione’s time necklace to keep up with all that.

I hope I’m not the only girl feeling like this at twenty.



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