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New York

As most of you know I’m planning a trip to New York this year with my best friend, we were meant to go get prices from the travel agents but as you can guess from my last post I was a tad snowed in. So we have had to postpone our lunch date, but we have found this site called AirBnB which has loads of apartments that you can stay in while visiting New York and they are very cheap but I wasn’t sure if you can book places like that with the travel agents? I mean I know doing it all online is cheaper, but I wouldn’t trust myself I’m sure I’d screw something up. I feel safer doing it all through the travel agents give or take £100. But I wanted to know if there are good cheap hotels out there that I could mention when we do get to go and get prices. 

So if any of your bloggers/readers out there have travelled to New York I could really use your help right now on where is best to stay, I really need the places to be central to Times Square as I don’t wanna spend loads of money on taxi’s lol. 

If you guys have any help, fire a comment below please!

Much appreciated.


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