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Woke up to a shocker this morning. Had to get up at 8.30am after working until 11pm last night and then sitting doing-up my blog until 2am this morning so I was tired to say the least. I’m car sharing at the moment with my mum and dad as there car has given up, so I was up early to give her a lift to work. So whats worse than getting up at the crack of dawn after no sleep, my street covered in blanket of snow. Half asleep in my pj’s and my uggs scrapping my car, the joys of living at the top of the hill where you get everything worse than the rest of the town does.


 I have to say it looks very pretty in these pictures but its very inconvenient since I have to pick up my mum again from work at 3pm. I only ever love the snow at Christmas or when I am meant to have college, being snowed in is the best if you aren’t wanting to leave your house.



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