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The Dating Game: Review

2015/01/img_7376.jpgAfter only getting this book the other day I have already whizzed my way through it. I think I can speak for every girl here when I say we’ve all had our fair share of heartbreak and so has Lucy as we see on Made In Chelsea. But this book is not just for those of you suffering from a broken heart, it’s like a cycle from the single life to first dates to relationships and then finally the break ups. She has really opened my eyes to the mistakes I’ve made in past relationships and then shown me the do’s and don’t’s for any future relationships.

I tell you girls no matter what stage your at whether your single or dating or in a serious relationship this book will help you wonders. Dear future boyfriend, you have been warned because this will now be the book used against you. It even has tips on meeting the family, what to wear on your first date etc, it’s amazing. If you aren’t going onto waterstones to order it after finishing reading this then you need to sort yourself out lol.

Anyway, I’m off to start Zoella’s book Girl online.



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