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New York Baby!

new yorkI’ve been blabbing on about New York for a while now as my best friend and I have decided to go for our 21st birthdays this year, now I can say WE HAVE BOOKED IT!!! Finally got round to booking it and I can’t explain how excited I am! We got such an amazing price for an amazing central hotel in the middle of all the excitement of New York for five whole nights, and with our direct flights we don’t miss out on any time there we get full six days to do everything!!

We have already started planning what we want to do, and as you have probably guessed by how obsessed we are over gossip girl that were going on a gossip girl tour – were sad I know! But for everything we want to do only comes to ยฃ160, thats not including the full day shopping trip that were going to have – feel as though I might need to buy a second suitcase while I’m out there. My mums already writing her list of things she wants me to get her, bags is all she is looking at and bloody tiffany necklaces – she must think I’m loaded.ย 

Its so long away but I’m going to be counting down the days, it still doesn’t feel quite real yet that I’m actually going somewhere I’ve wanted to go for years – not a lot of people can say that they have been to New York. If any you american folks know what the best things do to are feel free to leave a comment, need all the information I can get!ย 

ALH xoxo


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