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February already!

Hello Everyone!

Wow, February already time sure is flying! Well it has been a few weeks since I last posted so I’ll give you a little update on college and life etc. Last time I posted me and my best friend had just booked a holiday to New York which I’m still so excited about, my passport finally came – mugshot photo of course. I also feel as though I have exhausted nearly every series on Netflix, I finished three seasons of Suits and four seasons of Homeland, I feel so lost so if any of you can suggest a list of series on there that I have to watch that would be great, but I must warn you I’ve seen a lot. You want to see my list lol? here we go: 24, Greys Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Originals, Suits, Homeland, Prison Break, Skins, Misfits, 90210, Orange is the New Black, Made in Chelsea, Revenge – I would keep going but I think I’ve already passed the ‘I am crazy’ point! 

Also I finally maIMG_0007naged to get my photography project for college finished, the imperfect beauty one that I was freaking out about? Yes that is finally complete, found some amazing and vibrant spray paint in my local area and made them into three banners, Ta Da!
I’m pretty proud of them to be honest, they are very colourful which I love! My other college work is not as exciting as this at the moment, essays and case studies, bleh!

IMG_0002On the 30th January also marked the two year anniversary of when I had the pleasure of meeting miss Rita Ora. I entered a competition on Twitter with Schuh which I thought I had zero chance of winning and I did!! I got two tickets to her concert in Glasgow and a meet and greet before the show, I was gobsmacked! Its sad to admit but I started crying when I met her, she was and still is my idol, she was so lovely, gave me a cuddle and signed all my stuff I had with me and then got a professional photo with her. Hands down one of the best nights of my life, and to top it off I was at the front for the concert, amazing night that I’ll never forget.

IMG_0003Oh and for the first time in donkeys I had a full weekend off work! I had planned to spent my Friday night with my best friend – chinese and gossip girl, and then Saturday I had planned to go for a meal with the girls from work and Sunday being lazy and doing college work, and guess how much of that actually happened. I managed to spend my Friday night as planned but I was coming down with what I thought was a cold, oh no! It was a sinus infection – if you haven’t had one then your lucky – its just like a cold but it makes your teeth hurt like you have your braces in again! I didn’t make the meal with the girls from work and I didn’t manage any college work. It got to the point where I couldn’t eat anything unless it was super soft. So I spent my Saturday and Sunday in bed with soup, lemsip and tea! I’m still a little sore today but I’m in the recovering phase, as college work is now being done. 

IMG_0001Before I go off to try and finish this 1500 word essay I’d like to show you guys an amazing t-shirt that I plan to order on Friday when I get paid because its just that fantastic. I’m obsessed with Harry Potter and love the Hobbits and LOTR and Star Wars so this t-shirt will complete my obsessions lol. Anyway, that was a little update on life with me, feel free to browse as there are some new photography on that page. See ya!

ALH xoxo


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