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in-your-twenties-2Being in your twenties can really suck, its the most stressful part in your life where you have to be a ‘grown up’ its confusing and stressful but yet enjoyable at the same time, its pretty fucked up. A lot of us – if your like me – spend our time second guessing ourselves and worrying about the future, some of us are in such a rush to get to where they want to be while others are so laid back its worrying. But think about it who said you had to get your life figured out in your twenties? Who sat you down and said you should have your life together by the time your thirty? No one. We are the ones who drive this thought into our mind and worry because we can’t figure out what we want to do with our lives. 

The main thing that does happen in our twenties is change, we change the most we probably will ever change during this period as we’ve had enough time to learn from mistakes we’ve made in the past. I want to make the rest of my twenties about living and not worrying about my future as my Gran always said – “What is meant to be will be pet.” and it is true your life never goes the way you want it to, even if you try to plan it out, and yes even I’ve changed in the last year by turning twenty and the other nine years I have left I want to change through amazing experiences and living life to the fullest of my ability. 

So, I’ve decided to make a list of things I want to do/achieve by the time I’m thirty and that everyone should do in their twenties – here we go:

1. Read all the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings novels – Or any novel really, get lost in a book, go in to a book store and buy a random book. Yes of course my first one is about Mr. Potter my obsession but I was very young when the books came out and still very young when the films came out so at 9 years old I was not going to sit down with a novel, but now I’m in full force geek mode so it has to be done.

2. Travel somewhere in the world you have always wanted to travel to – You don’t want to be saying when your older that you wish you went to this place or that place, travel and see the rest of the world. I’m already on to this one, booked 6 days to New York in September for my 21st with my best friend. But the list of places I want to visit is endless so I definitely going to need a travel buddy. (Paris, Italy, Australia, London, Austria, New Zealand, I could really keep going)

3. Try a new sport/activity that you have always wanted to try – Don’t follow all these gym type people, do something completely different and random – also an excuse to buy cute trainers. I’m currently looking in to Yoga classes at the moment as I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety – lucky me – and I’ve heard that yoga can play a great part in helping people live with anxiety.

4. Eat anything you want – Literally whatever. Who cares about what is in pot noodles or how many calories are in that greasy battered mars bar – I will not be looking back on my life and saying “Oh I ate so healthy!” no one will so eat those carbs baby! Caramel waffles are my weakness but who cares I love them!!

5. Spend more time with family – Family is one of the most important things and when your in your twenties your parents are getting older too so remember to appreciate them and always say yes to going out to dinner with them even if it means cancelling on a hot date. I’ve become closer than ever with my family recently and really glad I have

6. Keep a diary/journal – I asked my mum for a beautiful diary for my Christmas just past and she came through, I think your twenties are your most important years to writing down all your feelings and memories are important. And think of how much your drink in a decade your going to want to remember things lol.

7. Change your hair drastically – Go bright pink or purple, get that fringe you have always been too scared to get, go crazy! Here’s me telling you this and I’ve been to scared to do anything to my hair because its so long and pretty. But I have to admit I do want a short messy bob but I think my mum and all my friends would kill me.

8. Leave your phone at home for a day – I felt sick even typing that but believe me you feel so free, I accidentally forgot my phone one day and all my worries seemed to disappear. You feel so free and appreciate the world more.

9. Do more things on your own – Who says we can’t go shopping by ourselves? Or go out for dinner alone? Or a trip to the cinema by ourselves? When was there a rule made that you can’t do things by yourself. Learn to enjoy your own company, believe me you will learn that you don’t need that shitty guy you keep going back to or those bitchy friends you spent time with because you wanted to do something they were. 

10. Be Happy – You are responsible for your own happiness. Yes a lot of things happen that make us sad but don’t be sad over silly things and silly people, its not worth it. You only have one life and you really should not waste a minute of it so smile more and laugh loads. I’ve had a terrible past few months but ask anyone that knows me, I always have a smile on my face because once you realise happiness is the key to everything being sad doesn’t seem like an option any more.

There is my list so far, I’m sure I’ll think of loads more to add on to it over the years. What things will you do from the list? Or do you have your own list? Let me know what you would add to this list and don’t waste your twenties.

ALH xoxo


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