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Harry Potter

I have two amazing things to fill you guys in on, one is that I have just bought six of the most beautiful pieces of art ever – mainly because of the colours and because it’s all about Harry Potter of course. I have a quote on my wall saying “in dreams we enter a world that’s entirely our own – Albus Dumbledore” and I decided to add to my wall with these beauties.







It was buy two get one free on Etsy so obviously I bought four and got two free. How beautiful are they though? Can’t wait for them to arrive! If your a harry potter fanatic like me then head over to Etsy and search for the lovely CocoMilla she does everything – disney, Lord of the rings, batman and many many more. They would make great gifts as well.

Now for my second amazing thing, I’m going to Harry Potter studios in London!!! LONDON BABY!! It’s actually sad how excited I am, av never been out of Scotland so I’m going to be one of those annoying tourists but Harry Potter tour is going to be fantastic, every fans dream come true to visit the set!

Me and a few girls from work are crazy about Harry Potter so we just randomly decided to go in the summer for a few nights. It looks like two of my dreams are going to be coming true this year visiting two places – London and New York – that I’ve always dreamed of going to! So many things to look forward too and I can’t wait.

Anyway I started a new series Pretty Little Liars and already watched ten episodes since last night, so I better get back to being a series addict. See ya!

ALH xoxo


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