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Mothers Day

Hey everyone!

As most of you know Mothers Day is just around the corner and I’ve been on the hunt for gifts to give to my mum, I first asked her just in case she was really needing something and guess what her response was?

Me:  “Mum, is there anything you would like for Mothers Day?”
Mum: “No7 Protect and Perfect Anti-Wrinkle Cream from Boots.”

Nothing like specific eh? So, that £25 anti-bloody-wrinkle cream is on the list, I had to ask didn’t I. Anyway, I thought I can’t just get her cream so I went onto Etsy where they had thousands of gift ideas and beautiful cards as well. I think I put far too much stuff into my favourites section. I loved so many cards but a lot of them were just from a daughter and I have to remember my little pain of a brother so I ended up choosing this one which I thought was really lovely and only cost me £2.50!!

IMG_8077There were millions of others it was so hard to pick between them all, but if your struggling to find a beautiful or funny Mothers Day cards then visit one of these links below:

These were my favourite shops on Etsy while looking for a card, such a beautiful variety they have.

I then stumbled across another page while looking for a gift for my mum, I wanted to get her something personal and different from all the cliché stuff you get in the shops. I found a journal that has a vintage fabric on the front which was able to be personalised.  

The little birds are how many children you have, so on my mums will just be two but you can have them in pink, purple or red. I thought it was so beautiful it is a bit pricey  – £36 but I know my mum will love it. The woman has already made it up for me without the names on the birds as I ain’t able to order until pay day on Friday. And she said it will definitely be here in time for Mothers Day, just shows how lovely some people are.

The page is:


She has loads of other lovely stuff such as glasses case, compact mirrors, all that can be personalised. So if your looking for something unique and special to give your mum this Mothers Day then head over to Etsy and have a look at some of the pages above because their shops have beautiful items. I hope this helped if any of you guys are stuggling out there, I’m sure everyones mum has asked them for anti-wrinkle cream I can’t believe how expensive it is lol. Let me know what lovely gifts you find and I’ll let you know if my mum likes her gifts!

Speak soon
ALH xox


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