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hello everyone!

I recently bought the first season of Broadchurch on Friday as I had completely caught up on the five seasons of Pretty Little Liars(post on that tomorrow) and I finished it the same day, don’t judge. I mean what kind of series has only eight episodes, I’m used to twenty-four episodes per series. Well can I just say it was fantastic! Everybody loves a ‘who done it’ series as every clue you get leads you to thinking you know who it is then bam it’s not that person. It’s so irritating but so addictive! 

All weekend I watched disney films because series two of Broadchurch was not out until Monday, so I bought it last night and that’s me now finished it. Glad to finally have some answers but my mum claims it’s not who we think it is – don’t want to say their name incase you lovely folks want to start it. But if you haven’t got anything to watch I suggest you grab it next time your in Asda, very addictive and who doesn’t love David Tennant? Main reason I wanted to start it, he plays his character amazingly and his character Alec and his partner Ellie are an amazing duo. Very excited to see what the next season shall bring, love trying to solve a mystery but me and my mum seem to think we are detectives now lol. 

Anyway, I’m off but I will be putting up a new post tomorrow once I have watched the season finale of Pretty Little Liars as it’s the big A reveal. Tweet me who you think A could be and I’ll let you know my theory too! 


Good night

ALH xo


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