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Insurgent: review

Spoilers: read at own risk.

Tonight I went to see the new film Insurgent which is the second part to the the Divergent Series. It was two hours of complete nail biting action, I’m pretty sure I held my breath a few times and clenched my fists. 

I love film series that start the second or third film where the last one finished off, it’s great because you can watch the first one before you go and it’s just like you’ve clicked paused went out your house to the cinema and pressed play again, amazing! 

The plot evolves around the baddie(a bit of a bitch) Jeanine. Her evil plan is to turn all the divergents into public enemies so she can round them up and perform an experiment on them. This is because Jeanine has found this sort of ‘magical’ box that she believes is from the founders and that it contains a solution to the divergent problem, but she needs a divergent to open it – not any divergent though.

But the movie has many unexpected twists, from parents rising from the dead, goodies turning into baddies and then the main reason behind the divergent species. Although I haven’t read the books – unfortunately I watched the film first so I find it difficult to read the books after as I know what the outcome is – it was a very exciting and thrilling film and I’m extremely looking forward to Allegiant part 1 & 2. For us to finally see what is beyond the walls after two hundred years of being divided into sections for so called peace. Now only another year to wait, got to love a film series.

My next review will be on Disney’s classic Cinderella.

Speak soon,

ALH xo


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