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No7 Skincare & Beauty Review

Hello everyone,
I thought I’d do something different and post a skincare & beauty review as its been nearly four weeks since I started a new skincare routine as my skin was a disaster. I took to Facebook and Google to do some research on the best skin products, but it was difficult because different products react different to other peoples skin. I got loads of help from all the beauty girls on my Facebook, but even though the products they were suggesting sounded like they would fix everything I really couldn’t afford to pay £44 for just moisturiser – doubt I’m alone on that one. I really appreciated all their help but I needed something that worked for half the price so a few people had mentioned No7 Skincare. I have used the make-up for a long time but had never really thought about the skincare. For those of you that live outside of the UK No7 is the shop Boots’ own brand.

So off I went to Boots to speak to the No7 lady because I was not very sure on what products I needed specifically for my skin type, I’m the girl with the dry skin & the oily skin = extremely unlucky. I ended up getting this lot below:

01254f80e6a7f6dbd9b1c5a641a0c71ce5711a6406Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm for Very Dry/Dry Skin
Beautiful Skin Purifying Exfoliator for Normal/Oily Skin
Beautiful Skin Night Cream for Very Dry/Dry Skin
Beautifully Matte Make-Up Base

I wanted a make-up remover that also cleansed my skin and that really took every inch of make-up off my face. It is amazing!!! It dissolves your make-up while moisturising your skin at the same time – perfect combination. Would highly recommend this, you can even use it just to wash your face in the mornings.

I get a lot of dry skin on my face even though my forehead is the oily’est thing in the world so I needed an exfoliator that helped both those things at the same time. This is perfect not only does it scrub off all my dry skin it also helps control my oily skin. I never knew such a beautiful thing could exist but it does and is so cheap!!!

I wanted a really thick moisturiser that would help with my dry skin but moisturising before my make-up was just making it slide off my face. So my mum suggested a night cream might be better and for £12.50 for this huge tub you really can’t complain, it makes my face so smooth that I sit and rub my face far too much. Honestly feels like a baby’s bum so who wouldn’t want to feel their face if its as soft as that – I promise I’m not weird.

My oily skin was making my foundation look mega shiny which was just horrendous. I then got a matte foundation but apparently thats too heavy for my skin and makes me look a tad orange, so the woman suggested a matte make-up base/primer. Helps my face not shine like a bald guys head and keeps my make-up on longer – lifesaver!!

After finally getting my skincare on point it was time for the make-up to be perfect as well. Since I was using all the No7 skincare I thought why not try the beauty products as well, that way I only have to go to one shop for everything I mean who wouldn’t love that right? So these are some of the products that I purchased:

Protect & Perfect Foundation
Instant Radiance Concealer
Exceptional Definition Nutrient Enriched Mascara
Beautiful Eyebrow Pencil
Shimmer Palette Rose


This foundation does have ‘younger looking skin’ on it I know, my mum had bought it and didn’t like the colour so gave me it to try. It is not anti-ageing it just helps a little. But that is not why I love it, its the lightest foundation I have ever used I was unsure if it was even on my brush. So lightweight and great cover I instantly fell inlove. For much less than all the expensive brands and It does the same job. Well worth a try girls.


Every girl needs a concealer than helps them look more awake under the eyes and to cover those pesky spots. This does both, covers all those blemishes so well it is like they aren’t there. Believe me I don’t lie when it comes to spots!



This mascara has the mother of all brushes, It helps to keep your lashes clump free as well as giving you great volume and reaches all those little lashes that’s always hard to get.
Great buy!

This pencil has an angled tip to help give the perfect eyebrow shape. I’ll admit this only came today so I haven’t tried it yet but the reviews are 4&5 stars so I can’t wait to give it a try. Their last eyebrow pencil is currently tiny and still in my make-up drawer because I couldn’t throw it out.



This also arrived today, shimmer rose blusher/bronzer palette. This palette helps to add an extra lift to your complexion perfect for all year round. Very excited to give it a try.

I hope this has helped some of you who like me can’t afford to spend loads of money on expensive skincare and beauty products. My skin has never been better and I although I still get the odd pimple – what twenty year old doesn’t – my dry skin & oily skin is under great control and makes me much happier. Although these products work for me, everyone has different skin so it wont work for everybody but they have different products for different types of skin which you can mix and match. Let me know what your beauty secrets are and if you use No7 let me know about other great products they have. Anyway, brand new Suits has just came on my television so I’m off to look at the beautiful Mike Ross.

Goodnight, ALH xox


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