Graded Unit.

Hello everyone,

Yes I’ve not posted in a while but as you can see by the title my graded unit took over my life for the past couple months. But it’s finished woohooo!!!(celebration dance). So yeah it’s been a hell of a last few weeks but I’m so proud of what I managed to achieve, my brief was to design six paint tube labels and a paint packaging to hold them. My approach was comic books/superheroes so my paint tubes have elements from superheroes on them and the paint packaging is a replica of Thor’s hammer which I think turned out pretty damn awesome!


Now that’s all done I’ll update you on all the other things I’ve been doing. I started watching once upon a time, first season was pretty slow but wow did it pick up. Already on season four – obviously as I binge watch everything – love how they have brought frozen into it, love it!!

I also went away for the weekend with my family to a place in Scotland called Blair Athol, beautiful place in the countryside. We stayed in a beautiful lodge right next to a river in a lovely quiet town. There’s also a castle there which was literally up the road from the lodge so we spent a whole day there and going round the gardens and the castle. I took my big camera with me and got some lovely photos.


It was just such a lovely and relaxing weekend away, family is the most important thing! And then on the Monday we got back – I lead a busy life yunno! – I had a concert in Glasgow, the one and only 5 Seconds of Summer😍. It was fantastic, sold out gig so the atmosphere was incredible. I took my trusty camera obviously so got amazing photos of the guys!


They came out at the end in kilts – oh babyyyy, one of the reasons I love living in Scotland, mcbusted done the same thing! And the last thing I have to tell you guys is that I’ve finally gave in, I started watching Game of Thrones. Yes I know I’m weak, but once I got past the disturbing parts I am actually enjoying it. I’m up to season four so I’m catching up pretty fast. Can I just say one thing though, Jon Snow😍😍 wow wow wow!!

So that’s really all my life has consisted of the last month or so. I break off college next week so I’d really love some suggestions on things to watch on Netflix and new books to read as I need two months worth of stuff to keep me occupied. I have Giovanna Fletchers new book coming on the 18th June, mega excited as I loved her first two books!

Anyway I’m up early for work tomorrow, it should be illegal to work early on a Sunday morning! Hope you’ve all had/having a lovely day😊!



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