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Netflix: OITNB 🔶

Hello hello hello!

I do apologise for my absence on Monday, I’ve been super busy doing over time at my work and my asthma has been a bit of a pain in the behind. I’ve also been binge watching the brand new season of Orange is the New Black🔶⬛️🔶, like everyone else in the world.

Let’s begin, if you haven’t finished the whole season I would not continue to read this, you have been warned. Ok I hope I don’t forgot to mention anything, if I do feel free to add a comment! So Nicky is away to max? She needs to come back ASAP, I miss her witty comments and morello needs her best bud!! Next, piper is very different glad she’s sticking up for herself but has she went too far? I’ll elaborate on that in a minute. But when she made sex noises to her mother and father well that was a tad awkward to say the least!

Alex is back, that made me super happy but she isn’t as exciting as she was last season, too worried about someone going to kill her in her sleep! But can I just say there’s someone even hotter than the very own vause herself, make way for Stella bitches!!!

Aka Ruby Rose, she is just beautiful! But all you crazy people saying you have turned because of her, sit down and shut your pie hole lol! She may be pretty but she stole all chapmans money? And boy oh boy did she get her revenge, sending her new gf to max, man piper finally grew a back bone and a big one at that!

Ok what else happened, oh yes where the fuck has Bennett went? I’m so not happy with him but his dance to bananas has to be one of the best things I’ve ever seen, if you haven’t seen this clip then you need to watch it now!!! B is bananas!! 🍌🍌
You can thank me later ladies!

Ok next, red and Mr Healy oh things are getting hot around here, I mean it’s pretty sweet but I really don’t need to see a sex scene between them next season! They are like the grandparents of the prison ain’t nobody need to see any funny business so keep it clean producers. I absolutely love how suzanne(crazy eyes) has became popular through her rather exotic/mentally crazy book of hers, glad she’s finally been noticed for a talent – suppose I can call it that.

And last but not least dayanara had her little baby girl!!! Glad she decided to keep it but I’m very confused, has her mums boyfriend, the bald dude, have her baby? Is that the one that got taken away when he got arrested? That part really confused me, so if any of you lovely folks can clear this up that would be a great help lol.

I think that is season three pretty much summed up, oh wait there’s still raper guard, Jesus Norma, over dose, escape, new inmates, new CEOs, used pantie purchasing, new jobs, and loads more. But I’d be here all night if I spoke about everything. Can’t believe I have to wait another year for season four now, but can I just say, how does it take a whole year to make 13 episodes? When everyone else like greys anatomy, scandal, TVD and many more make like 25 eps a season and we get two seasons a year. Someone needs to sit these producers down and sort out their scheduling.

I’m going to stop rambling now, off to watch an oldie – The Princess Diaries, perfect movie whatever mood you are in.



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