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Father’s Day

Good morning!

So it’s Father’s Day tomorrow and I probably should of wrote this post sooner but better late than never. If your struggling for any ideas then I’ll let you know what I’ve bought for my dad.

To start with I bought a super cool card, as you know if you have previously read my Mother’s Day post I love etsy! It just has things that nowhere else does, I searched for Father’s Day cards and a lot came up – a lot of inappropriate ones to say the least. Anyway, I found a lot of star wars ones and my dad is a huge fan! So I ended up ordering this one:

I think it’s super cool, Luke looks like my brother and I look like Leia so it was a perfect match. I’ll leave all the links below to where I bought them all. But even for your dads birthday check out etsy they literally have everything.

Next was DVDs, my dad collects DVDs he’s pretty obsessed lol. But he’s just recently got a blu-ray player and doesn’t have all of his favourite DVDs on blu-ray so I bought him these:

They were super cheap off amazon for about £14 I think which is great, that’s normally what one blu-ray DVD costs on its own. I’m sure he will be super happy with them!

And lastly I bought him a t-shirt that I found in my work last night actually, talk about last minute but I felt one present wasn’t enough. As I’ve said he’s obsessed with Star Wars so I’m sure he will love this:

If your struggling for that extra gift to pop in head along to your nearest Asda as these tops were only £8!!! Absolute bargain! They had loads of different Star Wars one in their Father’s Day section. I’m working today and I can tell everyone will be Father’s Day shopping last minute.

Sorry this was so last minute but even if your looking for a present for your dads birthday these would all be great!

Star Wars T-Shirt
Father’s Day card
Lord of the rings DVD
Hope you all have a lovely Father’s Day !



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