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Kingsman: The Secret Service – Review

Tonight I was struggling what to watch, I couldn’t decide between The Duff or Kinsgman, so I watched both trailers again and went with Kingsman. And my god I’m glad, it was flipping fantastic!!!! I was expecting a lot from it as the trailer does it justice, but it was even better than I was expecting! From the suits to the accents it was just spot on.

It’s like James Bond meets kick ass, classy, funny and slick. Colin Firth done some serious ass kicking, he trained for months for this role and completed 80% of his stunts. For a man of 54 years old that’s damn impressive.

But Colin was not the best, because then came in Taron Egerton, can we just take a moment…

Ok… But look at that face, YUMM!!!

Right I’m back I’m back, but this dude was amazing from his cheeky attitude to his sensitive side when it came to Roxy, so cute!!

Really funny, enjoyable, action packed film! There are a few shockers that came up that I really weren’t expecting but suppose that was the Bond side of it coming through. So if your stuck for a film this weekend then Kingsman: The Secret Service is officially out on DVD so I’d go and grab a copy because it definitely won’t let you down.

If you would like more film reviews just let me know, or any film suggestions as I’m always up for a good film!




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