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My Little Discovery

So yunno those Facebook suggestions that are really annoying and just get in your road? Well I came across one the other day that looked interesting called ‘My Little Box’ so I clicked on it and it took me to this lovely website.


It’s a French company that makes up little gift boxes that you can subscribe to and a different kind gets delivered each month. It’s only £11 + £3.95 p&p a month which may seem expensive but I think it’s worth the value because some boxes contain lovely things, infact they all do. These are some of the previous boxes that have been made…



I honestly think they’re so lovely and it’s like a little surprise every month, one of my favourites that I came across was ‘My Little Cosy Box’ here’s a look at what it contained…



How cute is that!!! You can also subscribe to it as gift for someone else and also you can get your box delivered to your work. Such a lovely idea and I can’t wait to subscribe to it on pay day:)!

Here’s the link to the UK website if your interested



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