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My Little Box: July

Hello hello hello!

You must be wondering why I’m going to be talking about my July box in August but as you know I signed up to a site called My Little Box. Well I signed up on the 21st of July so I only just received my box yesterday and wow it was everything I thought it would be, adorable, and full of goodies!!


It looks small in this picture but it isn’t. It’s actually bigger than the look fantastic box! When it came through the post it was quite heavy which made me know it was already worth subscribing too. This month’s theme was Road trips as July is the summer month – each month has a different theme if you didn’t know so it’s always a surprise!

When I opened it this is was I saw..


It was so lovely presented I couldn’t wait to get tucked in, everything it contained I will actually use as well which is great.


This was everything it contained:
Travel organiser
My Little Box beauty product
Essie nail Polish
Garnier mineral water
My Little Box magazine
A pen
Festival gold tattoos
Travel memories book

If you don’t already know, I’m heading to New York in September so that travel organiser will come in very handy!


It can hold everything, money, flight tickets, passport, just everything!!


I’m over the moon with this month’s box and the August box has already been posted which makes me so excited, it’s great because some months you will be so busy you will forget it’s coming. I think it’s a lovely surprise each month and may cheer you up when your having a bad day😊.

If you would to subscribe just head over to or com

Good night xxoo.


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