My Little Box: August

Hello there!

It’s that time of the month where I share with you what was in my little box from France. So this month’s box just arrived yesterday and I got so excited when the postman came, this month’s theme is Gypset…


I had never heard of that word before but I instantly knew the contents were going to be fab! And this is what the front of the box looked like, all cute and summery!


So off I went and opened it up to see what exciting contents it held, and this month’s ‘inspiration card’ which is what I’m now calling them, said…


Which was lovely, we should all love our life and appreciate every second of it!

And here is what this month’s box contained…



Korres Body Milk
My Little Paris Bronzer
Colour Hybrid Lip & Cheek
Hair ties/bracelets
Aztec Bag

As you can tell it was well worth my money this month’s, the body milk smells amaze-balls!!! I haven’t tried the Bronzer or the lip and Cheek yet but will be sure to! The hair ties are so soft so I understand why you won’t want to take them off your wrist lol! And lastly the bag, they gave us a bag!! I was so shocked when I saw it, its not huge but it fits all my essentials like my phone, purse, inhalers, and generally junk girls carry around on a daily basis lol!

Extremely happy with this month’s box, my little box never let’s me down very excited for next months already😊!

Good night xxoo


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