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The Scorch Trials Book & Movie Review

Hello everyone,

Little warning: If you have not read ‘The Scorch Trials’ or seen the movie ‘ The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials’ then please do not continue to read as there will be many spoilers, sorry!

Ok, so erm WOW!!!

I finished the book on Wednesday evening as I don’t like to finish the book ages away from the film release. The book was fantastic I expected no less after not being able to put the first book The Maze Runner down. There were a lot of surprising bits in the book, the cranks made me so scared to see them in the film, brenda is an odd character I have to say & lastly Teresa and Aris’s betrayal and of course the ending with Miss Ava Paige. Oh I almost forgot the weird bulb humans coming out the pods? What was that about! Ok so the cranks that wanted their noses were freaking me out big time lol, Brenda is very flirty in the book and she started to annoy me a bit because I always see Thomas with Teresa and he stayed true to her which I was proud of. Teresa and Aris betrayal, well I understand she was doing it to save Thomas and all so I think thomas shouldn’t of been so hard on her as he would of done the same I’m sure. Ava Paige ruining the lives of many once again with her tests and trials. And yes those weird pod human bulb things – only way to describe them haha – yes very strange.

So moving on to the movie, I was pretty lost most of the film as it was nothing like the book, I mean the main aspects of it were but they missed out a lot which the director did say. Wes Ball said that they were drifting away from the book in this film but would be returning to the books in the next and last film. Well first thing the gladers were sent out into the scorch by wckd in the book, in the film they escaped which then meant the silver metal balls that chopped off the boys heads never happened. The cranks didn’t want Thomas and Brenda’s noses, to be honest none of them could even speak they were that far gone. Thomas didn’t get shot in the shoulder, therefore didn’t get taken by wckd and fixed up. Teresa wasn’t with the group of girls she was with Thomas etc which I kind of rather, as that whole scene with her and Aris betraying him and the green door was a bit urghhh! And of course the creepy pod people never even existed, which I was quite glad about as the cranks were scary enough.

Things that were in the film and not the book, well there was plenty of unexpected moments I tell ya! Winston having to shoot himself so he didn’t turn in to a crank, that was heartbreaking even if we never saw much of the kid. Wckd trying to steal them back any chance the got, and believe me they never gave up. Loved Brenda in the film, powerful and didn’t betray Thomas so she’s now accepted by me lol. The most shocking parts were Teresa completely betraying them all and contacting wckd because her mum pulled her own eyeballs out when she was a crank, sad story but no need to doom everyone one else, cheers for that one T! I can’t decide if this next point is more shocking or not, but I was extremely happy that when I got to the end of the book that no one died. Well yes Winston did in the film and then at the battle at the end they managed to electrocute Minho and took him back to wckd *cries* still in shock by this I really hope they manage to get him back but I think he may not be completely himself.

Even though there was many changes from the novel to the film, I still was on the edge of my seat the whole way through. I thought the first film was intense this one was just spot on. So much more action and so much more scarier haha, but all in all it still gets 10/10 from me. I mean look at these guys…


you can’t rate them any lower than a 10. Well thats that for another year, I haven’t read the last book as I like to wait until nearer the time of the film release, because I can’t handle the wait. I can hardly stop myself from reading it just now but I have to do it. So if your commenting please don’t tell me any spoilers, but feel free to let me know what you thought of the book & the film I’d love to know what you guys thought.

Anyways off to enjoy the rest of my Friday evening, enjoy your weekend.


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