My Little Box: September

Hello everyone,
Yes this is extremely late as my box was also late last month and never came until I was in New York, so I haven’t had much chance to do a post as I’ve been un well. But anyways better late than never they say…

My Little Fashion Box was this month’s theme, I really liked it as they contents really surprised me this month!


As I opened it up I had a little card to greet me as always…


Cheeky little saying I have to say!

I really love how they store the contents in the boxes, they take time to design little bags which you can then re use again and again



The contents included were:
La Roche-Posay intense soothing fluid for face and eyes
Kerastas Paris extra strong hairspray
My Little Beauty lip gloss
Cointreau 0.05L
Alfa. K nail decals
Navy Scarf

I was surprised with the little bottle of Cointreau and the scarf, wasn’t expecting anything like that atall! It was my birthday month so I was extremely happy with all the contents.


Also can’t wait to use these😍


The next box that should be here soon for this month is called My Little Creative Box. I’m very excited for that as I’m a very creative person, currently studying graphic design. But I’ll be sure to do that post sooner than this one.

Speak soon!

Aimee 💗


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