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2015 recap & hello to 2016

Hello, thought I’d do one of those recaps on the year to start back. I’ve had the best & the toughest year of my life, so many amazing things happened but I didn’t get to share them with one special woman. I started off the year in the worst place, just lost my special granny and I needed change in my life. I dyed my hair – big topic jump – big move, big change which I think I done to run away from my old self from 2014. I needed that ‘new me. new year’ pa-lava. I apologise this may be a chatty post.

Amazingly I started off more positive than negative, surprisingly. I threw myself in to everything, college work especially which ended up with me achieving an A in my graded unit – so proud. I then planned everything I every wanted to do, I suppose I noticed how short life was and to cherish it and do things you always want to do. Nothing is standing in your way – remember that. I ended up booking a few nights away in London with three amazing girls – mainly London for the Harry Potter Studios. We spent nearly four hours at the studios – best day of my life to date. Such an amazing experience that I’ll hold close to my heart forever. Yes I’m still mad about Harry Potter.

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Not long after London I celebrated my 21st Birthday, was definitely the hardest birthday so far. Every year my granny would phone me on the day of my birthday and sing happy birthday, waking up on a very special birthday and not to hear her funny singing was extremely hard. I got through it and my mum and dad made sure it was as special as special can be by making it Harry Potter themed, can’t thank them enough they did brilliantly.

A week after my birthday me and my best friend set off on a huge adventure. Five nights in the one and only… NEW YORK CITY! Still feels like a dream when I think about it, my first trip out of Scotland and its one I’m sure I’ll never forget. It was the one place I just always wanted to go, and we thought why can’t we? Nothing is stopping us. It was magical, surreal and memorable. We done everything, even managed to squeeze in a helicopter ride on our last day which was breathtaking. A week of my life that I’ll cherish forever, and I’m sure New York will be seeing more of me.

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After NYC everything has been a bit of a blur, the end of the year always goes in far too quickly. My anxiety has gotten worse and to be honest I haven’t been myself. Then we got the newest edition to the family in November, our little puppy Woody. I swear he has brought the happiness back into our family, he is always there to cheer us up and never fails to make me laugh. I remember reading about how pets can help with mental illnesses but I never realised how much, it may sound stupid but he has been the reason I’ve kept it together more the last few weeks with the year anniversary of my granny, he is just amazing. They see the light in you even if you can’t see it yourself.

I haven’t half blabbed, to be honest I don’t expect people to read all of this, its more for me to look back on the good and hard times and hopefully in years to come I’ll see how much I’ve grown and what I’ve managed to achieve even in the hardest times of my life.

2016 – it is literally a blank page at the moment, I feel as though I should spend this year working on myself – a lot of people have left my life in the last year and I want to be happy again like really happy. I think that is my goal for this year.

Be Bright. Be Happy. Be You.

Also hope you guys like the new layout, Aimeé.


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