January Workout

Hello.. It’s that time of year where we all kid ourselves in to saying I’m gonna be fitter this year and workout more. So yes I’m being one of those people lol, I’m only working out to feel better about myself and to feel more positive not to lose weight – to be honest I need to put on weight.

Anyway I thought I’d share with you my first workout of the year, as you may know from previous posts that I follow a lot of Anna Saccone’s workouts with Lucy. Anna uploaded a video last night to YouTube and in that video was one of her new workouts so I thought I’d give it a try.

To start with was 100 high knees – helps to get you warmed up and get that heart pumping.


After that I done 20 squat jumps.


Then 10 runner legs each leg.


Never heard of this before, but I then done 6 walk down – Sagittarius twist – felt very effective.


Man these were hard, pushing yourself up from the ground just using your upper body strength. 6 Turkish get ups.


These were my favourite, 20 abs and legs.


20 leg stretch – each leg


10 abs and hips each side.


And lastly ended with 10 press ups.


You are then meant to repeat all of these another two times, but since I haven’t worked out in a while I’ve started with one and will work myself up to three round gradually. I feel in a better mood even though I’m working this evening. I mean when you think about all the positives of working out there’s really no need why you can’t take ten/fifteen minutes out of your day.

Ill leave a link to Anna Saccone’s channel below, she has a few great videos with her personal trainer.

annas latest video

Hope your all having a wonderful day, let me know what kind of workouts you follow I love to try different ones😊.

Aimee 💗


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