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Productive Sunday

Hello everyone!
Today I’ve been in such a productive mood, I’ve managed to get up to date on all my college stuff. Most of you know I am studying Graphic Design at college, in the second year of my HND. We’ve just been told that the degree students are having to interview us for their agencies, and that we needed a folio of six of our best pieces. After a few hours I’ve managed to put mine together, makes for an easier Monday tomorrow. I just thought I’d share my folio with you guys and see what you make of it. It ranges from my graded unit to typography, packaging design, magazine design, illustration and more.

12592044_1016055735122997_1324783760_o (1)12544265_1016056565122914_414649149_o12546314_1016056528456251_1813643990_o12557097_1016055961789641_234232769_o12443513_1016056245122946_354861076_o12557788_1016056165122954_1787009396_o (1)12499408_1016056398456264_2117914409_o12592010_1016056451789592_231041961_o12545947_1016056521789585_1689648082_o12557225_1016056388456265_1165291037_o12545824_1016056538456250_1394389523_o12557054_1016056558456248_1406994637_o12591746_1016056478456256_1748206901_o (1)12562553_1016056468456257_295530930_o
Lets just hope my tutor likes it tomorrow.

Have a lovely week!


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