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My Little Box: February 2016

Evening Everyone!

Yes, it is that time of the month again where I get to share my little box theme and its contents, not going to lie I was expecting a love box this month because of valentines day. But was pleasantly surprised with what I received, My Little Home Box.

This box appealed to me so much when I opened it, just the simple design on the box got me excited. I can’t wait to have my own home and to decorate it and make it mine, this box has defiantly got me excited to do so.

12699091_1029041503824420_852963182_o 12722558_1029041520491085_29729311_o

The box held many things, two things I’d never think to receive in my little box, so here they are in closer detail.


First thing, was a small pillow case which I am in desperate need of as my little puppy has decided to chew the corners off my recent ones. Although as you may notice the colours don’t match my bedding(underneath) so I am going to keep it for when I have my own home as the colours are lovely.


Second thing was this lovely blue photo frame with a little quote inside, what is a my little box without any quotes. The colour of the blue matches well with the cushion so again its getting kept for my own little home.


Lastly, was my little beauty products:

Mitchell and Peach Body Cream
Noxi Mask & Peel
My Little Beauty Early Morning

The size of the body cream was huge was not expecting a bottle that size. I love my little beauty products so always excited to try them out. The only downfall was the mask & peel product as I am sure I received it in my last box last month. It was a good product so I don’t mind too much but always like a variety.

As always extremely happy with My Little February Box. Made me even more excited to move out of my childhood home, whenever that may be. Anyway, I am off to have a nice relaxing bath and catch up on the latest episode of The Flash(completely addicted). Hope you have a lovely evening and I’ll speak to you guys soon.


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