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Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Hello everyone, I thought I’d do a little post on something that you can buy & make for you mum this Mother’s Day. I came up with the idea when searching on what to get my mum this year, I always like tot get her something different each year that isn’t just flowers and a card. I think if you check back to last years mothers day post you will see I got her a lovely personalised diary. My main go to for unusual and keepsake gifts is Etsy, mainly because you can find anything on there and they are very unique.

I wanted to make my mum a scrap book and after I saw this I knew I had to get it…

It was made by a shop on Etsy called: MadebyEllis – I will leave all links at the bottom of the post,  they have a wide range of personalised items to choose from. You got to pick between four designs for the front of the book and then three personalised lines of your choice of words. 
Price: £35.00
I was extremely pleased when it arrived, very quick postage and came in a hard cased box which was handy. I then had to get started making it!

It took me a whole day to rummage through my mums photo box while she was at work, but I managed to find all the pictures I needed, here are a few pages to show you guys what it looks like…

I think my mum will love it, it looks like it takes forever but it really doesn’t if you get stuck in, I managed to do 18 pages and complete it in four hours one night. I am extremely pleased with the finished result & can not wait to give it to my mum on Mother’s Day.

I haven’t got a card for her yet but I do have a card from the dog, as most of you know we got a puppy in November and he is basically my mums third child. So I thought it was only right to get one from him and obviously they exist on Etsy.

I found the shop SweetWilliam on Etsy and they had hundreds of cards to choose from with all different breeds of animals so I obviously choose the golden cocker spaniel to represent Woody. Extremely fast delivery. Price: £2.75

The supplies I used for the scrapbook I purchased on Paperchase, I can’t remember all the prices but they weren’t extremely expensive. They actually have a whole scrapbook section so I’d check that out if you are interested in recreating what I have.


Paperchase Scrapbooking

Hope you enjoyed this little mothers day post, let me know what exciting things you have got for your mum this Mother’s Day, and remember Mother’s Day is Sunday 6th March (UK). 

Aimee ❤


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