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My Little Bubble Box: March 2016

Hello everyone, your going to be so proud of me I’m actually on time this month with my little box review, normally I forget and it’s at the end of the month by the time I write this but I received my box today and I’m writing this post on the exact same day – proud moment! I’m sad I know.


My little bubble box, how lush is the box I absolutely love the colours on it, so as always I snatched it out the post mans hand and ripped it open(I honestly do this). Let’s have a peak inside then shall we…



I was very surprised by the amount of items in this month’s box, normally there is atleast four but six I was like wowza!


Bubble blush – My Little Beauty
Eyeliner – My Little Beauty
Facial spray – Garancia
Volume mascara – Givenchy 
Beauty bubble – Bulle
Hair brush – My Little Box


Oh and my be wild balloon how could I forget lol! I have to admit it was my first box where I didn’t recognise a few of the brands but as always excited to try them out.


I think my favourite item in this month’s box has to be the givenchy mascara, what girl doesn’t love the big name brands lol. As always I loved this month’s box, it always gets me mega excited for next month. I can’t believe I’ve only been recieving these boxes for nine months, they are just amazing and a great surprise each month. If you guys are interested head over to My Little Box website and start recieving your boxes. It’s mega cheap and like a little gift each month.

Anyway, I better head as I’ve just realised a new episode of Once Upon a Time is now up on Netflix *jumps with joy*

Hope you enjoy my post, good night!!

Aimee 💗


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