My Little Box: April 2016


My Little Box, I should be saying My Little Book. Yup that’s right this month’s box was more a book, although there were no pages it contained some lovely things.


The design and colours are lovely, spring was finally here! Ok let’s get down to what was inside…


– My Little Beauty Detoxifying Mask
– Nailsinc nailpolish
– L’Occitane shower gel

I have tried all three already, the mask is lovely it’s green and then as you scrub it all over your face it turns orange, looked like I was fake tanning my face my puppy got a fright when he wondered in the bathroom lol. The nail Polish is a lovely neutral colour that goes with anything, better than the bright colours I’ve received in the past boxes. The shower gel smells amaze-balls!! Lovely spring scent it’s nearly finished tbh!

Extra items…



I thought this was just lovely, a travel pouch for your delicates – designed by Balzac Paris. It’s beautifully soft and just something I’d never expected to receive in a box. Will definitely be used for all the trips I have planned this year🙊!

Last but not least…


A little grow your own garden kit, perfect for those who live in apartments with no gardens. I do have a garden but I thought it was something lovely to pop at the window in my bedroom. You pop the seeds on the water absorbing mat and sprinkle a little water ever day until your garden blooms. Very excited to see how this turns out!

That’s it folks for another month. Now I just started a new series – The Walking Dead and it’s getting pretty exciting, nearly finished season two. So I’d love to stay and chat but Rick is calling!

Hope your having a lovely day!
You can always check out previous boxes I have received by clicking on my older posts 😊


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