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Graded Unit


This is not going to be a normal post today, as it is a post that your able to get involved with. So the lack of new posts is due to me doing my graded unit at the moment which has been very stressful and taking up most of my time. I am having to advertise and promote the brand Rocket Dog, doing this I’m using my adorable puppy Woody(who you guys have probably seen far too many photos of). But for part of it I had to make an Instagram page, I want it to be filled of dogs and their owners pair of Rocket Dog shoes. The page is called @rocketdogdogs and all I need is a photo with the hashtag #rocketdogdogs and your photo will be featured on the page and possibly posters for the campaign. The dogs can be chewing, sleeping or eating the shoes I just want as much photos as I can get.

Heres a little example using my dog woody…


This is the page below, give it a little follow as well as it will only be posts of cute doggies what more could you want?


If you are able to help a gal out, just fire your images on Instagram using hashtag or comment your images on the post. All help will be much appreciated guys!!! 

Roll on the summer.

Links – RocketDogDogs Instagram


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