My Own Business

My business bloomed late last summer when my mum asked if I was able to make a lovely family print to have in her living room. After realising how easy and fun they were to make, word got out to my mums friends, and then they started wanting prints done. After a few orders I decided to start up a shop & a Facebook page. 

Thinking of a name was a difficult part in it, something unique and original. I am obsessed with Harry Potter and have loads of quotes etc in my room. One of which read “In dreams we enter a world that’s entirely our own.” Then my mum shouted ENTIRELY YOUR OWN. From then the business was born.


I have been very successful through my Facebook page from family and friends getting the word out. I have then tried to expand my shop on Etsy by adding all my new items up and since then the orders have been flying in. 

I have now made my own unique website through Etsy Pattern which looks more professional and easy to navigate through.

Website view:


Mobile view:


I have had many orders, a lot from England. I am yet to ship outside of the UK I’m just not clued up on the prices of international shipping, if any of you know please let me know just not sure how expensive to set my postage.

I have been super busy with Fathers Day orders, our most popular cards are the Star Wars & Game of thrones ones…




And I also love the new prints I made last night, Harry Potter prints of course…



Who doesn’t love Dobby though?

Let me know what you guys think and also have a look at EntirelyYourOwn pages below, would be much appreciated 😊

Etsy Pattern Website
Etsy Shop

I really love what the business is becoming and hope it continues to grow!


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