My Puppy’s First Birthday

Good evening everyone, I was going to wait until tomorrow to do this post but got too excited after looking at all the photos. If you love cute puppy’s then you will want to keep reading. Today was my fluffy bestfriends 1st birthday!! My Little partner in crime shares a birthday week with me, was obviously meant to be. We started off the morning with a sing song(sad I know) then he got treats and a cup of tea(he loves tea so much so that he always tries to steal mines) and that was before breakfast. By this point he was so hyper he thought it was the best day of his life.

Me and my mum then had a little birthday photoshoot which took a lot of treats and “stay, stay, stay.. Good boy!”. Here are some of the best shots of Woody the birthday boy.

*currently crying over how cute his bowtie is*

How adorable is this wee guy, he’s so photogenic as well, lucky dog. After the many many photoshoots we waited on my dad and brother to come home from work before we gave him his presents and his cake, yes we got him a little dog birthday cake🙊.

It’s the little head tilt when the candle went out, so so cute!! He had a fab day and was spoilt rotten. People may think we’re a bit mad, but we think birthdays are special no matter the age or the animal, everyone deserves a special day!

It’s been a fun packed day and I now have a super sleepy pup who needs his bed. Until next year for another birthday post from Woody, but there will definitely be more Woody posts before then because he’s too cute to keep to myself.

He also has his own instagram account if you wanna see cute pictures of him on a daily basis: Woody’s Instagram

Good night, Aimeé x


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