My Birthday.

Hello everyone, as some of you may know it was my Birthday on Wednesday just two days after my furry friend Woody’s. He was meant to be mine, anyway I turned 22 *que Taylor Swift* and now I’m feeling old! 

So my day started off with college in the morning where all my college buddies made sure everyone knew it was my Birthday…

Yup those are Christmas lights all over my desk, my friends are crazy but I love them. Also one of the girls in my class drew me a picture,

Me in Hogwarts uniform with Woody as my patronus!! I absolutely love it! It’s so fricken amazing! 
After college I then came home and got to open all my presents, presents are the best specially when your starting to feel a tad old on your birthday the present cheer you up lol.

I GOT SPECIAL EDITION GOLD EMBOSSED HARRY POTTER BOOKS!!! How beautiful and colourful are they, I fricken love them! I got these from my younger brother who said he was only meant to get me the one but because I got him a job at my work he got me an extra one, how cute. 

He also got me this beauty…

BB8 suitcase, I am going to Paris on Friday and needed a good little hand luggage suitcase and I had asked for this, but from my parents and my brother ended up getting it for me. Which leads to my next gift which is from them…

They got me a Pandora bracelet, so unexpected as I hadn’t asked for it nor expected them to spend so much on me. They got me the love heart clover charm and Woody(yes my dog) got me the little bone charm that says ‘woof 🐾 ♥ ‘ which I adore because he’s my little best friend. 

Now if my parents gift wasn’t unexpected enough my boyfriends was even more. Not sure if I told yous or not but last month my boyfriend Ryan booked a weekend trip to Paris for my birthday gift, we fly out on Friday I can’t wait! But he also got me a little gift which he shouldn’t of, but I absolutely love it!!

A STAR WARS/R2D2 HANDBAG!! I take it everywhere with me, it’s so cool and I get so many comments on it. Honestly spoils me, I love it so much. And the gifts don’t stop there, Ryans family got me lovely little gifts which are beautiful…

Handmade Disney wine glasses, they are beautiful I love them. Honestly blown away by all my gifts, I’ve still got little bits and pieces from the family but I feel like I’ve blabbed enough this evening. I’ve had a lovely week and weekend, spent it with my favourite people, went to see Bridget Jones’ Baby(twice) it is amazing I highly highly recommend. And spent today baking cakes with my fave ❤ 

Now relaxing in bed with a bit of YouTube. I will be putting up a new post tomorrow of a list of lovely things to do this autumn/winter with your partner, friends or family that don’t cost alot or anything at all, so keep your eyes peeled.

Will also be doing a blog post when I’m back from Paris, if you guys have any suggestions on sites to see or places to go while I’m there please leave a comment below. 

Good night xo


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