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20 Things to do this Autumn/Winter

Hello everyone, thought I’d do a little post on things to do this autumn/winter and my adorable other half wrote this list for us to do and most of the stuff either doesn’t cost much or costs nothing at all. Also this stuff you can do with your friends and family or your partner whatever you prefer. Now this is in no type of order because let’s face it it was a man who wrote it and it would take me longer to put it into an order, so I apologise in advance.

Here we go…

1. Coffee/Hot Chocolate 

This can be anywhere from Starbucks to Costa to even your own house, pop the kettle on and get all snug.

2. October Fest

Obviously I ain’t going to leave the country so the closest thing to that here for me is Edinburgh Market, hop on a train and explore.

3. Bonfire night & Roast Marshmallows

I love bonfire night, I love getting all wrapped up and going out in the freezing cold. Also roasted marshmallows? Who doesn’t love to do that.

4. Hot tub/ Lodge get away

I live in Scotland, which is the perfect place to just pack your bags and go away for the weekend to a cosy little lodge in the country, fair enough this isn’t free or cheap but if you do your homework you can make sure you don’t spend a fortune.

5. Build a fort

Now I may be 22 years old but I will get my covers and spend a whole afternoon building the best fort to ever be!! Also who said adults had to act like adults? Build that fort and watch films all day long.

6. Night walks & star gazing

The most amazing thing about the cold weather is how clear the sky is, so many beautiful stars. The perfect place to do this close by is Falkland hill where I would see my whole town and the whole sky. Woolie hats, scarfs and gloves and we’re sorted!

7. Build a snow man/ snow ball fight

Ok this is a little far off yet, but this is my first Christmas not working in a supermarket so I hope I get snowed in so I can build an ace snowman all the kids will be jealous of.

8. Halloween/Christmas movie marathon 

I ain’t a huge fan of scary films but I know my boyfriend is gonna force it on. But he isn’t a huge Christmas fan so I suppose we both win either way. 


9. Build gingerbread houses & make gingerbread men

One thing I love to do is bake cupcakes, I’ve never attempted gingerbread but you get fab kits out of asda, rather than trying to make them from scratch.

10. Pumpkin carving

I’m too old to go out trick or treating and I tried this for the first time last year as I thought it was really difficult. It’s so fricken easy, you can get a pumpkin carving kit at the shop and make the outside of your house look the shit! ๐ŸŽƒ 

11. Take pictures with Santa’s grottos 

Now this sounds like a right laugh, specially while out Christmas shopping. Stand in that queue and go in and take photos with Mr jolly, and hope he doesn’t smell ๐ŸŽ… 

12. Decorate Christmas Tree ๐ŸŽ„ 

This has to be up there with one of my favourite things to do, Christmas songs on and making my tree sparkle.

13. Popcorn movie night

Hell what are these dark nights for, cuddle up get your favourite pj’s on and watch half of Netflix. Nothing better than being super cosy in the house when it’s super cold outside.

14. Bookstore Date

Now this I love, we came across a three or four story books store(that’s unusual in Scotland) that had a cute little cafe in it in Edinburgh. Go and pick up a book you’d never read, drink hot chocolate and enjoy the company.

15. Harry Potter marathon

If you know me you know I had to put this in, nothing beats Potter. And if you haven’t seen it you need to sort out your priorities. ๐Ÿ‘“โšก

16. Train ride to a new town

Get on a train to somewhere you’ve never been, or drive. Doesn’t have to be far just explore somewhere new for free!

17. Take food to the homeless shelter

There’s nothing worse than knowing you will be warm and fed throughout the winter and others wont. Be selfless for a day and do a good deed. Everyone deserves to have food and warmth this winter.

18. Try something new at Starbucks or even try Starbucks

I’ve never had a drink at Starbucks but I’ve tried the food so this is definitely something I should do. I only worry cause I don’t like coffee and have no idea what is in what.

19. Christmas shopping ๐ŸŽ

Get out of the habit of shopping online, take a day out and go to a big huge shopping centre and spend time and put your heart into people’s gifts. Christmas isn’t about seeing what you can get online, go into that store and pick something, most of the time not everything is online.

20. Fall/Winter Festivals 

I fricken love winter time for festivals, my favourite is winter wonderland in Edinburgh, so many twinkly lights and warm donuts covered in chocolate ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿซ

I have loads more to add but I think I’ll stop at twenty or there will be too many things for yous to all do. Some may be stuff you never thought of and others are stuff everyone does every autumn/winter. But if you do try any of these or have any other things I could do, please share your photos or leave a comment below.

I’m now away to chill in my cosy bed and watch more of Stranger Things, about to start episode five it’s highly addictive.

Goodnight xo


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