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Weekend in Paris

Hello everyone, I have been dying to write this post since I came home but it has been a rather busy week. As many of you know last weekend I went away to Paris for two nights, my boyfriend had planned it as a surprise for my birthday – brownie points. So it all began with a super early flight at 6.30am but it was worth it as it meant we were able to have an extra full day in Paris. We arrived in Paris around 9.30am and travelled to our hotel, it was crazy to think we were in another country after an hour and half plane journey.


Our hotel was a little walk away from all the main attractions of Paris but nothing our feet could not handle (says me now). But our hotel itself was lovely, our room was bright Paris red with these lights with Paris buildings and the Eiffel Tower on them. We stayed at the Best Western Nouvel Orléans Montparnasse incase any of you guys are interested, Ryan booked it on which allows you to pay on your last day of stay.

After we checked in to the hotel we went off exploring! First on the list was shopping, I mean we were in Paris I needed to see the shops, although I am sure I never purchased anything until the last day lol. So we went up and down Avenue des Champs-Élysées and we then walked up to the top where the Arc de Triomphe was, we wanted to go up to the top of it but could not figure out how to get across that crazy ass roundabout so we left it.



We then walked from there all the way to the Eiffle Tower as Ryan was excited to go to and go up to the top, as Ryan had visited Paris before but never got the chance to go up the tower. It was exciting to do that with him, I also don’t think he realised how high it was, I was used to it as I had visited New York last year.




It wasn’t the sunniest of days but it wasn’t raining so that was the main thing, we went right to the top and what a view we had. After all that walking we were exhausted so we went and grabbed some food and had an early night as we were up super early again for a full day at Disneyland Paris – I was far too excited I am surprised I even slept.

We had a good 45 minute walk from the hotel to the pick up point for the Disneyland Paris Express Bus, but the great thing about having to walk is the fact you get so see so much more, and things you probably wouldn’t see otherwise.


But more magic awaited…


Walking in was just so magical, I felt like a little child on Christmas morning. It felt like I was in a Disney movie. It was also the first day of the Halloween celebrations.

I actually wanted to find a house and live here forever. I also didn’t realise how big it actually was, but we had ten hours to explore so off we went. First thing we got to experience was the parade, wow I did not know that they did this.


This just made me in the best mood, and made me ready for a fun filled Disney day. First of all we went to the Walt Disney Studios Park as that was the smallest.

Me and Ryan came across this, and holy moly we got far too excited. We ran over to build our own lightsabers, but it wasn’t as easy as we first thought. I gave up first and Ryan tried for a good half hour. He refused to ask for help as kids could apparently do it themselves. Fair to say Ryan never left with a lightsaber lol.

The Disney shop itself was just my childhood Christmas lists all in one, I did walk out with a few little items as they had things you would never get outside Disneyland.

The castle was probably one of my favourites as it was just stunning and the size of it, I couldn’t believe how big it was and the fact you got to go inside it and upstairs. My one wish was to get the perfect picture with Ryan outside it.

I got it, I don’t know why I wanted it but it was all that ever came up when I googled Disneyland Paris were couples in front of it. We did try to do a selfie but the sun was in my eyes too much, it is one of my favourite photos though it’s cute.

We went on so many rides and saw so many things, I did take photos of everything but we would be here all week if I were to show you guys them all. I may add them to my photography page so check that out if you have time. One of the last things we saw was a little boat ride and you got to go and see loads of Disney stories all super small it was adorable. Also yes I wore those ears all day, don’t judge me lol.

That one was my little mermaid, can you spot the little bubbles.

Disney surely defeated us, 12 hours of walking I honestly don’t know how kids could do it or parents should I say. We got home and we went straight to bed, was such an amazing day and I’ll never forget it it. DisneyWORLD next?

On our last day we forced our sore legs and aching feet out of bed for another full day of sightseeing. We were tired and sore but we were flying home that night. Ryan planned for us to go to the highest point in Paris the Montmartre, it was nearly a two hour walk from our hotel but we knew it was going to be worth it.

We were pretty pooped once we arrived and then found out we had to walk up three hundred stairs to get to the top *cried as I looked at my feet*. But I was determined to do everything we said we would do so off or should I say up we went.

It was stunning to say the least, and it was such a beautiful morning that we got such an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower and the whole of Paris. It was a perfect end to a perfect weekend. I just want to thank my boyfriend for spoiling me and taking me away on such an amazing weekend break. My best friend and boyfriend in one, I love you x


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