Spellbinding Firework Display

Good evening everyone, the clocks going back last night have completely boggled me, it is 5pm but feels like 7pm so thought I’d do a little post to keep me awake. About two weeks ago me and my mum were trying to find a good fireworks display to go to this year. The one local to us is erm.. Let’s just say it contains shows, alcohol and a five minute firework display and I wanted to go to something spectacular. We came across an ad on Google that said “spellbinding firework display” safe to say I was instantly won over.

Hopetoun House Firework display, it only cost £13 for an adult and we thought if your having to pay it must be good.

When we arrived there was Harry Potter music playing, I was far too excited I was jumping about like a kid. Especially after seeing the size of the castle like building it was as if I was walking up the road to Hogwarts itself.

As we walked up there was a huge bonfire that everyone was huddled around. It was so big that I felt the heat before we had even got close.

My mum, dad, me and Ryan posed for photos and then went off to grab some food. There were a few good food stalls but the queues were giant, they started to go down quick before the fireworks started so we had full bellys for the show.

Once it got dark it was time for the magical firework display, unfortunately my Harry Potter video won’t upload but am sure you guys can imagine how amazing it would be! So here’s some photos…

Hope you have a fab bonfire night next weekend and remember to stay safe. Let me know what excited firework shows you guys head to.

Goodnight, Aimeé 😊


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