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Cash for Kids

Cash for kids is a charity that help to give children aged 0-18 that are less unfortunate Christmas presents. I had passed the collection box in my local supermarket last week and thought I had to do my part. My mum mentioned that they were struggling for teenage gifts more than anything so I decided to put a whole bag of things together.

The first bundle of items were:

Harry Potter colouring book

Monsters University DVD 

3 Pack L.J Smith Books

My Little Christmas Box

I felt like these items would appeal to more of the teenage age group, and my little Christmas box I felt would be an amazing gift.

I then added:

Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone Book

Owl Notebook 

And lastly some stationary items:

Oil pastels 

Staedler felt tip pens

You may think ‘Oh dear I can’t afford to buy anything to give’ but I never purchased any of these, well I did at some point but they were all unused and brand new. Items I just kept for the sake of it, I thought they would make someone very happy this Christmas and it felt so heartwarming for me to do knowing I will of made some children’s Christmas. 

You still have time to give, check your for your local collection point via Google and the cash for kids website which I’ll leave links to below. I’m sure the deadline is the 14th December.

Give a little more this Christmas 🎄 

Cash for Kids 
Aimeé 💗


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